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6 Steps for selecting the right remote care solution

This paper provides you with a 6-step process that will help you select the right set of remote care products in order to best meet your business needs.

How senior living operators can benefit by participating in managed care plans: a Step-by-Step Guide

This white paper explores the Medicare Advantage changes, the opportunities created by these changes, and the steps required by senior living providers to benefit from the opportunities available to them.

4-Proven Ways to Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs, and Increase Revenues of your Homecare Agency

This white paper explores four important trends in homecare that all homecare agencies should be aware of and which should be an important part of their change process

Two Ways in which Home Health Care Agencies Benefit from Adherence and Compliance

This white paper discusses two new regulatory developments, which when properly understood and implemented, will provide benefits to home health care agencies. It is essential to understand both these regulations, not only necessary to ensure adherence to standards set out by the federal government, but also to remain competitive and set the agency up for short and long-term growth


December 2018